The story started in 1990 when a man, Monte Warne, wanted to ride on something different to the Daytona Bike Week. Other bikes had a lot of sound, but could not deliver the power that the sound promised. He wanted power, and lots of it  - preferably 3 to 4 times more than available -  he decided that the basis of his bike should be an American icon ;

The Chevrolet V-8 350 short block with it's massive 5700cc !


A frame was built around the engine and designed as a classic cruiser. He rode the bike to Daytona and it was an instant hit. Everybody wanted one, so he decided that he had to build more and also with the

Chevrolet 502 big block with 8200cc!


BOSS HOSS was born.



The past 16 years Monte's  shop evolved into a 770 square meter production site where the bikes are built.  


The frames are developed, welded and powder coated on site.

They are made out of 1.5 inch chrome-molly tubes with a  0.95 inch thickness.


All necessary frame parts are produced at the shop.  


The engines are delivered by Chevrolet and modified by BOSS HOSS. The main power plants that are used is either the 350 short-block V-8 or the 502 big-block V-8 


Upon customers request it can be made bigger :

A 10-liter engine can also be one of the possibilities! 


In a large production street the bikes are hand-assembled by trained mechanics. After final assembly the bikes undergo a quality check and are bench-tested and after the final road test are approved for shipment.




The Dutch BOSS HOSS history started back in 1996 when Harry Dückers decided to import the bikes to the Netherlands.


Harry, founder and owner of HD Service Dückers BV, already had established himself as the place to be for  service and chopper building of Harley Davidson bikes. HD Service BV is also a known player in the Trike scene. As importer of Rewaco trikes he also has an excellent reputation.


Thanks to the in-house knowledge the bikes were modified and set to the Dutch vehicle laws. Mainly due to this pioneering work the BOSS HOSS bikes have European approval for road use.


A lot of changes have occurred in the past years. For instance the first BOSS HOSS bikes had a hand-clutch one-gear set-up as opposed to the 2 gear semi-automatic box with reverse on the later models. This and other features have improved the  BOSS HOSS riding experience tremendously.  More info can be found under the “bikes” buttons.          


Or how it all started..