De BOSS HOSS bikes


Here you`ll find a short listing of the BOSS HOSS bikes, for further details,

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BHC-3 350 ZZ4

BHC-3 350 ZZ4 SS

BHC-3  LS2

The BHC-3 350 ZZ4 with it`s

5.7 litre V-8  ( 350 cubic inch)

turns out 350 Hp and a torque of 500 NM!  

The BHC-3 350 ZZ4 SS has the same 5.7 litre V-8 power plant.

With a shorter wheel-base and lower seating position, this bike is more for the sporty rider.    




The BHC-3 LS2, the most powerful. Sporting the 6.0 litre (364 cubic inch) V-8 with 425 HP and 425 Ft.lbs. of torque, this is the biggest power bike on the road!