De BOSS HOSS trikes


The trikes are available with the GM 350 ci V-8 small block or the aluminium LS-2 V-8 packing 364 ci and 425 Hp

These trikes are designed as classic American icons, the chevy

Bel-air, the Sierra truck and the hot-rod style coupé.

All trikes have the

dependable V-8 power-plant.


You choose the engine you want, either the GM 350 small block or the LS-2 Corvette engine

In addition they sport the 3-speed tranny.

The BHC 9 with GM 350 small block will cost  € 64.500,-

The BHC 9 with LS-2 engine will cost € 78.500,-

Costs are starting prices including VAT and dutch import tax (BPM)



(prices are subject to change )